Bipolar radiofrequency-induced thermotherapy of haemorrhoids: a 10-year experience

Authors: J. Duben 1;  P. Ponížil 2;  B. Dudešek 1;  L. Hnátek 3;  J. Gatěk 1
Authors‘ workplace: Chirurgické oddělení nemocnice Atlas Zlín, Univerzita Tomáše Bati Zlín 1;  Oddělení statistiky a bioanalýzy Univerzita Tomáše Bati Zlín 2;  Angiocor Zlín 3
Published in: Rozhl. Chir., 2018, roč. 97, č. 9, s. 419-422.
Category: Original articles



Bipolar radiofrequency-induced thermotherapy of advanced stage haemorrhoid disease has been used successfully at the Atlas Hospital in Zlin for ten years. The aim of this study was to evaluate long-term outcomes of the method.


RFITTH is bipolar radiofrequency-induced thermotherapy of haemorrhoidal diseases. High frequency electric current causes thermal coagulation of tissue. The procedure results in the elimination or significant reduction of prolapse and bleeding of hemorrhoids.


228 RFITTH procedures were performed in 217 patients at the Department of Surgery at the Atlas Hospital from 9/2007 to 1/2017. The group consisted of 134 men and 94 women, the average age was 51 years. 107 operations were performed in stage III and 121 in stage IV. Complications of the procedure involved postoperative fissure occurring in 20 patients (8.7 %). Thrombotic haemorrhoid developed in 6 patients (2.6 %), hyperspasm of the sphincters in 9 patients (3.9 %). Prolapse of the rectal mucosa was diagnosed in 4 patients (1.7 %). The disease recurred in 9 patients and 10 reoperations were performed (3.9 %).


The method is a safe miniinvasive therapeutic option for advanced stage haemorrhoidal disease.

Key words:

RFITTH − haemorrhoidal disease − radiofrequency coagulation


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