Cystic Feochromocytoma, Mimicing a Liver Cyst. A Case Review

Authors: Ľ. Laca;  M. Fani;  J. Janík;  J. Miklušica;  M. Adámik;  M. Hošala
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika transplantačnej, viscerálnej a cievnej chirurgie JLF UK a MFN ;  Martin, Slovenská republika, prednosta: doc. MUDr. Ľ. Laca, Ph. D.
Published in: Rozhl. Chir., 2008, roč. 87, č. 6, s. 306-310.
Category: Case Report


Cystic feochromocytoma is a special subtype of supraadrenal tumors, with a specific clinical course, symptomatology, CT and MRI pictures and histological findings. The above factors frequently contribute to a wrong diagnosis and increased risk during its surgery. The authors present a case review of a patient with a cystic tumor of the right liver lobe. Its laparoscopic fenestration attempt resulted in hypertonic crisis with cardial decompensation and lung edema. Furthermore, attempts to embolize the tumor resulted in another hypertonic crisis, despite of the preoperative care as appropriate in feochromocytoma procedures. Only complete surgical removal of the tumor relieved the patient of the clinical symptoms. The authors discuss diagnostic and therapeutical problems of this specific and rare feochromocytoma subtype and suggest radical surgical management following a standard preoperative care as appropriate in all feochromocytoma procedures.

Key words:
cystic feochromocytoma – cystic liver tumors– laparoscopic fenestration – embolization – radical removal


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Surgery Orthopaedics Trauma surgery
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