The Pedicled Rectus Femoris Muscle Flap for Reconstruction of Complicated Abdominal Wall Defects

Authors: A. Daigeler;  Fansa H.+;  S. Altmann;  F. Awiszus, SchneiderW. *
Authors‘ workplace: Klinik für Plastische, Wiederherstellungs- und Handchirurgie Medizinische Fakultät der Otto-von-Guericke-Universitat Magdeburg ;  BRD Prof. Dr. med. W. Schneider +Klinik für Plastische, Wiederherstellungs- und Ästhetische Chirurgie Stadtische Kliniken Bielefeld gem. GmbH, Klinikum Mitte, Bielefeld, BRD, PD Dr. med. H. Fansa ;  Magdeburg, BRD, Prof. Dr. med. H. W. Neumann ;  Orthopädische Universitätsklinik, Medizinische Fakultät der Otto-von-Guericke-Universitat Magdeburg *
Published in: Rozhl. Chir., 2005, roč. 84, č. 5, s. 238-243.
Category: Monothematic special - Original


Aim of the study:
Large or complicated abdominal wall defects caused by recurrent incisional hernias, infections or tumor resections often require the use of prosthetic mesh, local tissue transposition or even distant muscle flaps for proper reconstruction. Due to the sometimes discouraging results of meshes muscle flaps are an appreciated alternative. We followed up a series of cases to assess the value of the pedicled rectus femoris muscle flap.

Follow up time ranged from 6 months to 4 years. 12 cases of reconstruction of the abdominal wall using pedicled rectus femoris muscle flaps after tumor resections, recurrent incisional hernias, and infection are presented. Abdominal wall stability was examined clinically. The aesthetic and the functional results were assessed using a standardized questionnaire. The loss of torque in the quadriceps muscle was evaluated using a dynamometer.

In all but one patients a stable abdominal wall could be reconstructed. We saw no major complications. The loss of true muscular capacity in the quadriceps muscle of the operated leg was 19% compared to the nonoperated leg, but was tolerated very well.

The donor site morbidity is moderate. The flap provides an easy and save possibility to reconstruct the abdominal wall. The rectus femoris muscle flap should be considered as an alternative for abdominal wall reconstruction.

Key words:
rectus femoris – muscle flap – donor site morbidity – abdominal wall – defect – incisional hernia – hernia repair

Surgery Orthopaedics Trauma surgery
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