Evaluation of Surgery of Chronic MaxillarySinusitis in Adults

Authors: Z. Kuchynková;  J. Betka;  M. Taudy;  Klozar J. Vrabec P.
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika otorinolaryngologie a chirurgie hlavy a krku FN Motol a 1. LF UK, Praha, katedra otorinolaryngologie IPVZ, Praha, přednosta prof. MUDr. J. Betka, DrSc.
Published in: Otorinolaryng. a Foniat. /Prague/, , 1999, No. 2, pp. 86-88.


The objective of the work was to evaluate the results of FESS in a group of patientswith chronic maxillary sinusitis. Retrospectively the case-records were evaluated and selected57 patients with chronic maxillary sinusitis (84 maxillary sinuses). The interval after surgery was12-72 months, on average 30 months. Patients with nasal polyps were not included in the group. Themean CT grading according to Lund in the whole group was 3.8, the mean CT grading in the groupof patients without improvement after surgery was 5.9. The mean surgical score in the whole groupaccording to Lund was 4.2, the most frequent operation was uncinectomy with antrostomy andanterior ethmoidectomy which was performed in 45 sinuses. Minimal postoperative complicationswere recorded in 3 patients. 47 patients (82%) felt better after surgery. 31 patients (54%) after surgeryhad repeatedly or on a long-term basis medicamentous treatment on account of symptoms ofsinusitis. The group of nine surgical failures included five patients where a revision was made andfour who did not feel better subjectively and required antibiotics and lavage of the sinuses becauseof signs of sinusitis. From our aspect 13 patients were cured who were free from complaints aftersurgery and did not require further medicamentous treatment on account of maxillary sinusitis.FESS is useful within the framework of comprehensive and long-term therapy of chronic sinusitis.Only in some cases it can be the definite solution of chronic maxillary sinusitis.

Key words:
chronic maxillary sinusitis, endoscopic surgery results.

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Audiology Paediatric ENT ENT (Otorhinolaryngology)
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