Short - term Working Inability in Independent Wage Earners

Authors: A. Balogh;  A. Matysová
Authors‘ workplace: Oddělení lékařské posudkové služby Okresní správy sociálního zabezpečení Jihlava
Published in: Reviz. posud. Lék., , 2003, č. 3, s. 45-49


The study focuses on the issues of short-term working inability (WI) which were not studied sufficiently so far. In accordancewith the literature data, the support of working ability (WA) in independent wage earners (IWE) is stressed. The causes ofextended WI according to the particular diagnoses and character of an enterprise activity were analyzed in 69 cases on thebasis of analysis of causes and duration of short-term working inability in 923 cases. Concerning methodology, the sample ofIWE is apparently a heterogenous group of subjects with different work demands and working environment, with differentworking potential and different working ability. Factors supporting working potential are stressed compared to the theoreticalmodel ofWAof Finnish authors and classics of the Czech ReviewMedicine which is quotedworldwide.The duration of particularcases of WI is significantly related to the fact whether the reviewed IWE has arranged the voluntary health insurance or not.

Key words:
enterprise – frequency and duration of working inability – character of work – working environment – abuse ofworking inability

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Medical assessment Occupational medicine
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