Multimodal treatment of thymic carcinoid: a case report

Authors: Radka Cahajlová 1;  Mária Černá 1;  Soňa Kiňová 2
Authors‘ workplace: Oddelenie klinickej onkológie Kliniky pneumológie a funkčnej diagnostiky SZU a UNB, Nemocnica Ružinov, Bratislava, Slovenská republika 1;  I. interná klinika LF UK a UNB, Nemocnica Staré mesto, Bratislava, Slovenská republika 2
Published in: Vnitř Lék 2019; 65(5): 363-368
Category: Case reports


Thymic carcinoid account for cca 0.4 % of all carcinoid tumors in the body [1]. As compared to other neuroendocrinne tumors, high rates of reccurences after surgery, more aggressive behaviour and relatively high rates of paraneoplastic syndromes are characteristic for thymic carcinoid. The mainstay of treatment is radical surgery [2–4]. Therapy of locally advanced and metastatic stages is influenced by other neuroendocrinne tumors´guidelines. We present a case report of patient with locally advanced, atypical thymic carcinoid, treated with different modalities, including newer procedures like peptide radionuclide receptor therapy (PRRT).


peptide radionuclide receptor therapy – somatostatine analogues – thymic carcinoid

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