Unexpected Cause of Altered State of Consciousness in an Elderly Patient: A Case Report

Authors: P. Hoffmann
Authors‘ workplace: Interní klinika 2. LF UK a FN Motol, Praha
Published in: Geriatrie a Gerontologie 2019, 8, č. 4: 174-175
Category: Case Reports


Cannabis and its components (cannabinoids) are currently a subject of intensive research for their potential medical use. Mostly debated is their anti-inflammatory, analgetic and anti-edematous effect. Due to standardized preclinical and clinical testing, their introduction to pharmaceuticalmarket is relatively slow. However, unapproved cannabinoid drugs and home-made remedies are used quite commonly. In our case report we present a curious incident of cannabinoid intoxication following the application of cannabis salve in a geriatric patient. Indeterminable amount of active substance present in the home-made product, innapropriate form and extent of its use remain the biggest issues of this case.


intoxication – cannabis – transdermal – altered state of consciousness – geriatricpatient


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Geriatrics General practitioner for adults Orthopaedic prosthetics
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