Acute and late onset complications of diabetes – do they pose a significant problem in the elderly?

Authors: P. Weber;  H. Meluzínová;  D. Prudius;  K. Bielaková
Published in: Geriatrie a Gerontologie 2016, 5, č. 4: 196-201
Category: Review Article


Diabetes mellitus (DM) represents a major risk factor for acute and late onset diabetic complications. DM can be seen, to some extent, as a model of aging. In old age it is often a part of polymorbidity and contributes to the mosaic of coexisting diseases. Therapy itself with the use of insulin or insulin secretagogues (oral antidiabetic drugs – sulphonylurea, etc.) may, for seniors, entail a particularly significant risk of hypoglycaemia, which may lead to the development of other acute vascular complications (stroke, heart attack, arrhythmia, etc.). The authors outline other acute and chronic late onset complications especially from the perspective of large senior population heterogeneity.

diabetes – old age – acute and late complications – management


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