Acute complications of diabetes mellitus – incidence in patients in intensive care units and case report

Authors: Stanislava Daruľová;  Juraj Krivuš;  Matej Stančík;  Peter Galajda;  Marián Mokáň
Authors‘ workplace: I. interná klinika Jesseniovej LF UK a UNM, Martin
Published in: Forum Diab 2014; 3(1): 40-45
Category: Main Theme: Case Report


Diabetes mellitus represents one of the most serious diseases of our time. Although it is known since ancient times, present morbidity and mortality of a disease suggest, that despite the wide therapeutic options, it is still the serious opponent. The high mortality of patients with diabetes mellitus is influenced also by its acute complications, which are a common cause of hospitalization in intensive care units. These patients requiring urgent, intensive and comprehensive treatment, which is based on the understanding of pathophysiological processes leading to the deve­lopment of an acute diabetic patient.

Key words:
diabetes mellitus – diabetic ketoacidosis – hyperglycaemic hyperosmolar syndrome – combined disorder


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Diabetology Endocrinology Internal medicine
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