Pohoda No. I (Death on Music Festival)

Authors: Ľ. Straka;  F. Štuller;  J. Krajčovič;  F. Novomeský
Authors‘ workplace: Ústav súdneho lekárstva a medicínskych expertíz JLF UK a UNM v Martine
Published in: Soud Lék., 56, 2011, No. 3, p. 32-33
Category: Original Article


A fatal accident of a young man, visitor of the summer music festival, shocked the whole Slovak society. Many unanswered questions concerned a causality of the incident arose immediately. Altough most questions have been focused to technical experts concerning the cause of a tent fall, the forensic medicine can bring some important reflections and conclusions, too. An absence of natural defense mechanisms of the accidentęs victim should be explained only through malignant affection of the body reflectoris reactions by exogenous substance, which might depress natural senzoric or motoric response while being in acute danger from falling tentęs construction.

natural defenses of the organism – alcohol affection – head injury


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Anatomical pathology Forensic medical examiner Toxicology
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