Benign retroperitoneal schwannoma

Authors: Zuzana Kováčová-Majerová;  Vladimír Kotek;  Radomír Zachoval;  Ibrahim Quwarah;  Jiří Vlasák;  Yaroslav Andriychuk
Authors‘ workplace: Urologické oddělení Nemocnice Třebíč
Published in: Ces Urol 2014; 18(1): 40-43
Category: Case report


A case report of a 70-years old female presenting with the complaint of dyspepsia, diagnosed with an incidental finding of a pelvic retroperitoneal tumour, 12 cm in diameter. Dilatation of the upper urinary tract was diagnosed using ultrasound. Subsequent computer tomography examination revealed a huge retroperitoneal tumour, which was thereafter completely removed. The histological analysis confirmed a benign schwannoma with negative surgical margins. The patient is followed-up regularly in the regional outpatient urology clinic. She is without complaint with a good prognosis.

Key words:
schwannoma, neurilemmoma, retroperitoneal tumour.


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Paediatric urologist Nephrology Urology
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