Benign Symmetric Lipomatosis Launois-Bensaude

Authors: D. Horváth ;  K. Pizinger
Authors‘ workplace: Dermatovenerologická klinika LFUK a FN Plzeň přednosta prof. MUDr. K. Pizinger, CSc.
Published in: Čes-slov Derm, 83, 2008, No. 3, p. 136-139
Category: Case Reports


Authors describe 4 cases of rare benign symmetric lipomatosis observed during one year. The disease is characterized by massive fatty deposits mainly in the shoulders, elbows, thighs and neck. All cases were associated with combined dyslipidaemia and the onset was preceded by liver stress. The disease is often associated with alcoholism, hepatopathy, impaired glucose tolerance, hyperuricaemia and malignant tumours.

Key words:
Madelung’s disease – lipomatosis cervicalis – Launois-Bensaude syndrome – symmetric adenolipomatosis


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