Bioengineering Methods in DermatovenerologyII. Instrumental Examination Methods Imaging the Skin or its Structures

Authors: V. Resl
Authors‘ workplace: Kožní klinika LF UK přednosta prof. MUDr. Vladimír Resl, CSc.
Published in: Čes-slov Derm, , 2002, No. 6, p. 264-272


The article is a continuation of part I dealing with the technique and bioengineering methods forpractice and research in dermatovenerology. In part II the authors discuss examination methods forimaging of the skin and its structures. They can be divided into direct and indirect ones. In the firstpart of direct methods attention is paid to classical photography and new digital photography. Theauthors compare properties, technical possibilities and advantages of both methods, their qualityand application. They discuss also methods of archivation, computer processing and comprimationof data.The authors mention methods of macro- and microphotography, incl. stereomicroscopy. Newmethods include also videomicroscopy incl. its implementation in polarized light.This electronic microscopy provides when combined with the appropriate software the possibilityof high standard processing of data, in particular skin tumours (melanomas) and naevi. Computer-assisted evaluation on the principle of so-called neuron networks makes even higher-standardABCD+E+T analysis possible with a greater probability of melanoma detection. The system can beused also for other preservation and description of images. Connection by button „video-mail“ makesit possible to use of in teledermatology, i.e. in teledermatoscopy, teledermatopathology, duringconsultations and education. In the subsequent part microscopic methods are presented such as confocal and electron(scanning) microscopy with their design, technical parameters and use.The section on direct methods includes also capillaroscopy and fluorescent videomicroscopy,optic coherent tomography of the skin and proton magnetic resonance of the skin.Indirect methods include dopplerometry (A-, B-, C-, M-mode scan), laser-doppler flowmetry,assessment of inequalities of the skin surface (profilometry) and skin visiometry. Their design,technical and practical use are described.

Key words:
photography - dermatoscopy - stereomicroscopy - videomicroscopy - teledermatology- confocal microscopy - electron microscopy

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