Reticular Lentigo

Authors: L. Pock 1;  P. Zloský 2
Authors‘ workplace: Dermatohistopatologická laboratoř, Praha 8 2 Dermatovenerologická klinika 1. LF UK, Praha 1
Published in: Čes-slov Derm, , 2000, No. 4, p. 171-174


Reticular lentigo is a black macula, 4 - 6 mm in size, of irregular shape which frequently arousesclinical suspicion of a malignant melanoma. Examined by dermatoscopy it has a bizarre, irregularpigmented network. Histological examination reveals an increased amount of melanin in slightlyprolonged and extended epidermal processes and usually a normal number of melanocytes. Typicallythe lesion is interrupted by differently oriented sections of the epidermis without an increasedmelanin content, so-called „skip areas“. Reticular lentigo is a relatively new unit, well definedclinically, dermatoscopically and histologically. Its differential diagnosis comprises in addition tomelanoma in situ other forms of lentigo.

Key words:
reticular lentigo - clinical picture - dermatoscopy, histopathological findings - diffe-

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