Fertility and rheumatic diseases

Authors: L. Procházková
Authors‘ workplace: Revmatologie, II. interní klinika, FN u sv. Anny a LF MU v Brně
Published in: Čes. Revmatol., 26, 2018, No. 2, p. 72-78.
Category: Review Article


A significant proportion of patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases is of childbearing age. The question of an impact of the disease on fertility from the perspective of both a patient and his physician is an important point in the management of rheumatic diseases. Impaired fertility in these patients is not uncommon; female rheumatic patients have fewer children compared to the general population. The cause of the reduction of reproductive functions and infertility is multifactorial: it may involve disease activity, the effect of therapy, abortion, but also the psychological consequences of the disease limiting sexual function, or it is a personal decision of the patient. The discussion with the patient should include parenting planning, attempting to suppress the disease activity as effectively as possible, taking into account the possible adverse events of therapy, choosing a safer alternative or adequate protection of the gonadal functions when treating with alkylating agents and, if necessary, early therapy of infertility.

Key words:

Fertility, reproduction, rheumatic diseases, infertility, protection of gonadal function


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