Diagnostics of a complicated myopathy. EULAR on-line course of clinical rheumatology – sample case report

Authors: H. Mann;  J. Vencovský
Authors‘ workplace: Revmatologický ústav, Praha.
Published in: Čes. Revmatol., 16, 2008, No. 3, p. 128-135.
Category: Case Report


EULAR commenced a new 2-years-course of clinical rheumatology on the internet. This project includes 42 modules dedicated to specific topics, which contain review articles, practical case reports and references related to the topic. The whole course will end with an examination, based on which the EULAR certificate will be granted to the participants. The authors present a modified sample interactive case report, chosen from the poly/dermatomyositis module. A 42-years old female patient with painless proximal muscle weakness was diagnosed with idiopathic polymyositis according to the Bohan and Peter criteria. The case description is coupled with questions directed on diagnostic-therapeutic practice in patients with myopathies, with commented answers, which illustrate the difficulties linked with the treatment of these complicated patients. In the end of this case report, the reader is acquainted with the definitive diagnosis of the patient.

Key words:
myopathy, EULAR, internet training, differential diagnosis


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Livingstone, 2000; s. 30

2. www.eular.eu, navštíveno 24. 5. 2008

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