Multiple Osteonecroses in a Patient withSystemic Connective Tissue Disease

Authors: K. Pavelka;  J. Gatterová;  A. Sainerová
Authors‘ workplace: Revmatologický ústav, ředitel doc. MUDr. K. Pavelka, CSc.
Published in: Čes. Revmatol., , 1999, No. 3, p. 142-145.


The authors present the case-history of a female patient with non-differentiated connective tissuedisease of the systemic lupus erythematosus type with features of Sjögren’s syndrome, rheumatoidarthritis and vascularitis. The patient developed a total of seven osteonecroses, probably associatedwith long-term corticosteroid (Cs) treatment administered in repeated i.v. pulsed doses. The authorsanalyze the incidence of osteonecroses in systemic connective tissue disease, in particular thosetreated with Cs and the necessity of early detection of osteonecrosis.

Key words:
non-differentiated systemic connective tissue disease, corticosteroids, osteonecrosis

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Dermatology & STDs Paediatric rheumatology Rheumatology
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