HoNOS (Health of the Nations Outcome Scales) – an Adaptation of the Tool for the Assessment of Symptoms and Social Functions in Serious Mentally Ill in the Czech Conditions and Its Use

Authors: O. Pěč 1;  D. Čechová 2;  J. Pěčová 2;  E. Dragomirecká 3;  P. Šelepová 1;  V. Probstová 1;  M. Bubela 1
Authors‘ workplace: Centrum pro rozvoj péče o duševní zdraví, Praha ;  ředitelka Mgr. B. Wenigová Katedra psychologie FF UK, Praha 1;  vedoucí PhDr. I. Gillernová, CSc. Psychiatrické centrum Praha 2;  ředitel prof. MUDr. C. Höschl, DrSc. FRCPsych. 3
Published in: Čes. a slov. Psychiat., 105, 2009, No. 6-8, pp. 245-249.
Category: Original Article


The English version of the assessment tool HoNOS (Health of the Nations Outcome Scales) has been translated into the Czech language and adapted to the Czech cultural conditions. The tool is feasible not only for evaluation of health status in patients for a routine practice of psychiatric services, but also as a follow-up outcome measure. The instrument is constructed for an assessment of symptoms as well as social functions. The two versions of the scale were submitted for the adaptation: the version for external evaluators and the version for patients. The reliability and validity of the Czech adaptation has been proven as satisfactory.

Key words:
assessment instruments, social functions, serious mentally illness.


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