Impact of demographic factors on consumption of pharmaceuticals in the Czech Republic

Authors: L. Práznovcová
Authors‘ workplace: Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Farmaceutická fakulta Hradec Králové, Katedra klinické a sociální farmacie
Published in: Čes. slov. Farm., 2008; 57, 225-228
Category: Original Articles


The present analytical study examines the dynamic increase in the consumption of pharmaceuticals in the years 1995–2005. In this period, the average annual increase in expenses for pharmaceuticals was 367 crowns per 1 inhabitant, the rate of expenditure being more dynamic in comparison with total health expenditures. The increase resulted from the increase in the average price of one packet. The analysis revealed statistically significant differences between individual age group. The consumption of pharmaceuticals in financial representation in the age group over 60 years is more than 8 times higher in comparison with the consumption in the age group younger than 20 years. The situation is similar in the other segments of health care (outpatient care, inpatient care). In 2005, the expenses from private resources of the households of pensioners were by more than 80% higher in comparison with other social groups. The rules of drug policy and the determination of prices of pharmaceuticals reimbursed from public resources should take account of the social consequences resulting from individual regulatory measures for individual groups of the population, in particular for the group of the population of the post-productive age.

Key words:
pharmaceutical expenditures – prognosis – age group – private resources


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Pharmacy Clinical pharmacology
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