Prednicarbat and Cetirizin Dihydrochloride in the Treatment of Acute Stage of AtopicEczema in Children

Authors: L. Bartošíková;  L. Fráňa 1;  J. Nečas;  P. Fráňa 2;  J. Dzúrová 3;  J. Petrželková;  Kollár
Authors‘ workplace: Ústav humánní farmakologie a toxikologie Farmaceutické fakulty Veterinární a farmaceutické 2 Univerzity, BrnoAlergologická a imunologická ambulance – Dům zdraví, Velké MeziříčíI. interní klinika Fakultní nemocnice U sv. Anny, Brno 3II. dětská interní klin
Published in: Čes. slov. Farm., 2001; , 38-40


The aim of the study was to monitor the impact of local application of prednicarbat (Dermatop,Hoechst-Biotika) and oral administration of cetirizin (Zyrtec, UCB) on the development of the acutestage of atopic eczema (AE) or acute exacerbation of the chronic form of AE in two groups of patients.Effectiveness and safety of both preparations were being evaluated in 80 children undergoing anoutpatient treatment. In the first group, only prednicarbat cream was applied to affected placestwice a day for a maximum of 10 days, while in the other group also cetirizin was administered oncea day in a dosage according to the patient’s age. On the treated places, erythema, infiltrate andexcoriation were evaluated with respect to the intensity of manifestation. The results of the studyshow favourable effects of both preparations on AE development, already during the first days ofthe therapy. In both groups there was a complete remission of the monitored symptoms in morethan 80 per cent of the patients. There was no deterioration of the disease in any patient, and nocases of adverse reactions were registered.

Key words:
prednicarbat – cetirizin dihydrochloride – atopic eczema

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Pharmacy Clinical pharmacology
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