Studies of Local Anaesthetics, Part 153: The Relationship Between the Chemical Struc-ture, Physical-Chemical Properties, and Biological Activity in a Series of Piperidinopro-pylesters of Alkoxysubstituted Phenylcarbamic Acids

Authors: E. Sedlárová;  J. Čižmárik
Authors‘ workplace: Katedra farmaceutickej chémie Farmaceutickej fakulty Univerzity Komenského, Bratislava
Published in: Čes. slov. Farm., 2000; , 306-312


Physical-chemical parameters (surface tension, dissociation constant, RF and R M values determinedby means of TLC, logarithm of the capacity factor by means of HPLC) of 30 compounds from thegroup of piperidinopropylesters of o-, m-, p-alkoxyphenylcarbamic acids with local-anaestheticactivity were determined. The correlation chemical structure – physical-chemical properties –local-anaesthetic activity was studied by means of QSAR. The results of the study have d emonstra-ted a linear dependence between log k, RM, and the number of C in the alkoxysubstituent.

Key words:
piperidinopropylesters of alkoxyphenylcarbamic acids – correlation structure –physical-chemical properties – biological activities

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Pharmacy Clinical pharmacology
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