Malignant Lymphoma of the Orbit

Authors: P. Krist;  J. Plesník
Authors‘ workplace: Oční oddělení Okresní nemocnice, Kyjov, přednosta MUDr. J. Plesník
Published in: Čes. a slov. Oftal., , 2002, No. 4, p. 0


The authors describe a non-Hodgkin malignant large-cellBlymphomawith amplelymphocytes in a female patient with foci in the left breast and right orbit, withsuspect skin foci and enlarged nodes in the mediastinum as revealed by computedtomography.In the differential diagnosis the authors reflected according to the course of thedisease in addition to malignant lymphoma also on orbitocellulitis or a pseudotumourofthe orbit.Theremarkable feature is thatthepatienthadalreadytreatmenton account of a multiple myeloma. The authors emphasize comprehensive treatmentof the patient and the necessity of consultations with specialist of othermedical disciplines associated with this disease. After radiotherapy total regressionof the orbital finding occurred in the patient.

Key words:
malignant lymphoma of the orbit, radiotherapy, comprehensive treatment

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