Diagnostic Value o the Kayser-Fleischer Ring

Authors: I. Simonidesová
Authors‘ workplace: Očné oddelenie NsP, Bojnice, prim. MUDr. J. Špirková
Published in: Čes. a slov. Oftal., , 2002, No. 3, p. 194-198


This paper described Kayser-Fleischer ring as an early diagnostic sign of theWilson ’s disease.This disease is demonstrated in case of 37-years old white man,a member o affected family.We discuss about typical manifestations of the diseasein the eye and especially about Kayser-Fleischer ring with the use of the slit lampbiomicroscopy,spectrophotometry and electronicroscopy.

Key words:
Wilson ’s disease,Kayser-Fleischer ring

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