Diagnostic of the Swollen Optic Disc by Color Doppler Ultrasonography

Authors: J. Čmelo
Authors‘ workplace: Očná klinika SPAM, NsP Sv. Cyrila a Metoda, Bratislava
Published in: Čes. a slov. Oftal., , 2000, No. 5, p. 293-302


The Goal of this study was prospective evaluation of the blood flow parameters-maximal systolic velocity (MSV), minimal diastolic velocity (MDV) and Pourcelot’sresistivity index (RI) in patients with swollen optic dis. 63 patients (79 eyes) wereexamined with swollen optic disc-10 patients (17 eyes) with intracranial hyper-tension, 12 patients (14 eyes) with pseudoedema of disk of the optic nerve, 7patients (7 eyes) with inflammation swollen optic disc, 3 patients (6 eyes) withpseudotumor cerebri, 8 patients (12 eyes) with arteritic anterior ischemic opticneuropathy (A-AION) and 23 patients (23 eyes) with nonarteritic anterior ischemicoptic neuropathy (N-AION). All patients had ophthalmological examinations andColor Doppler ultrasonography in central retinal artery (CRA), posterior ciliaryartery (PCA), ophthalmic artery (OA) and in central retinal vein (CRV). The bloodflow parameters of the swollen optic disc and normal optic disc were not significantchanged at intracranial hypertension, pseudooedema cerebri, inflammation swel-ling, and at pseudotumour od the optic disc. A-AION and N-AION acallocatedsignificant changes of the blood velocities and resistivity index. A-AION: signifi-cant increasing resistivity index at CRA, CPA, significante decrease of MSV andMDV and difficult mapping of the CPA in Color doppler mapping. At the fellow eye (without swollen optic disc) was significante decreasing of the blood velocitiesof the CRA, CPA, but not so much as at the defective eye with swolen optic nervedisk. N-AION: defective eye with swollen optic disc - there were: nonsignificantedecreasing of MSV, MDV, significante decreasing of MSV, MDV and increasing ofresistivity index of the CRA, CPA at the fellow eye. AO was without significantechanges. Color Doppler information allowed to specify diagnosis of A-AION andN-AION.

Key words:
Color doppler ultrasonography, swollen optic disc, ischemic neuro-

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