A Global Epidemic of Multiple Sclerosis?

Authors: M. Vachová
Authors‘ workplace: MS centrum při neurologickém oddělení ;  Krajská zdravotní, a. s. – Nemocnice Teplice, o. z.
Published in: Cesk Slov Neurol N 2012; 75/108(6): 701-706
Category: Review Article


Multiple sclerosis as a life-long chronic disease is at the centre of interest of many epidemiological studies. The increasing prevalence of this disease is frequently associated with increased incidence. The cause of elevation is different in different populations. The first explanation is an improved diagnostic process. Acceleration is also possible due to changed diagnostic criteria. The article presents various types of epidemiological surveys and provides an overview of prevalence and incidence of MS in various parts of the world. The last Czech data published at the beginning of 1990th showed the prevalence at the Teplice district to be 130.5/100,000. No new epidemiological survey has been performed since. The data currently available suggest a prevalence in the Czech Republic of 160/100,000.

Key words:
multiple sclerosis – epidemiology – prevalence – incidence – risk factors – disease registry


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