Pancreatic Resection for Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma

Authors: M. Varga 1;  M. Oliverius 1;  A. Valsamis 1;  M. Kučera 1;  R. Gürlich 2;  M. Šafanda 3;  I. Matia 1;  E. Honsová 4
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika transplantační chirurgie, Institut klinické a experimentální medicíny, Praha 1;  Chirurgická klinika, Fakultní nemocnice Královské Vinohrady, Praha 2;  Oddělení klinické onkologie, Nemocnice Na Homolce, Praha 3;  Pracoviště klinické a transplantační patologie, Institut klinické a experimentální medicíny, Praha 4
Published in: Klin Onkol 2009; 22(6): 288-290
Category: Case Reports


Late metastases of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) are quite common. However, meta­stases in the pancreas are rare. Between 2004– 2008 the Department of transplantation surgery of the institute of clinical and experimental medicine performed 87 pancreatic resections for tumour. From this, metastasis of RCC was histologically verified in four cases. The aim of this study was to summarize in the form of brief case reports our experience with the surgical treatment of pancreatic metastasis of RCC.

The interval from nephrectomy to the occurrence of pancreatic metastasis was 10, 11, 15 and 16 years. All patients were examined to exclude metastatic generalization. Surgical treatment was: one total pancreatectomy, two subtotal pancreatectomies and one caudal resection. Two patients had solitary pancreatic metastasis, one had two metastases and one had multiple metastatic lesions. No complications were observed in the postoperative period. All patients are living with survival time of 7, 23, 26 and 52 months. None of them has signs of recurrence of the primary disease.

The follow up in patients with a history of RCC should be lifelong. Considering the low response of RCC and its metastases to oncological treatment, pancreatic resection is a safe method with a low rate of complications in patients with RCC metastases limited only to the pancreas and detected in time.

Key words:
renal cancer – clear cell renal carcinoma –  metastasis –  pancreas – metastasectomy


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Paediatric clinical oncology Surgery Clinical oncology
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