Quality requirements for the determination of glycated hemoglobin HbA1c and possibilities of its application for diagnostic purposes

Authors: B. Friedecký;  J. Kratochvíla
Authors‘ workplace: SEKK s. r. o. Pardubice
Published in: Klin. Biochem. Metab., 22 (43), 2014, No. 3, p. 127-131


We introduce the brief review of the requirements for analytical quality in HbA1c, created by important guidelines, experts’ meanings, and used in well known external quality assessment programs. Namely requirements on the precision, bias and total errors are showed. Information on the quality of laboratories and often frequented methods are here too. Very interesting are data about requested and provided frequency of control measurements. On the basis of introduced results we can presume higher quality of HbA1c measurement in world than in the Czech republic, maybe due to these higher required frequency. Very important role can play the fact of using HbA1c not only as therapy, but also diagnostic marker in diabetes. This aspect of diagnostic using the HbA1c is currently not present in the Czech republic. Comparison of our situation in POCT performance with Norwax reality clearly shows that situation in the Czech republic is not under control.

HbA1c, precision, bias, frequency of control analysis, POCT.


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