Right ventricle perforation by defibrillation lead – a conservative approach? A case report.

Authors: M. Sepši;  M. Kozák;  L. Křivan
Authors‘ workplace: Interní kardiologická klinika ;  LF MU a FN Brno, pracoviště Bohunice msepsi@fnbrno. cz
Published in: Kardiol Rev Int Med 2007, 9(1): 40-44
Category: Editorial


Lead perforation is a rare complication of implantation of defibrillation electrode. We report a patient in whom the right ventricle was perforated by defibrillation ventricular lead during the implantation procedure. The perforated lead was left in stable position and additional pace/sense lead was inserted into the right ventricular apex. The preferable solution recommended by several references is the lead extraction. However we report possibility of leaving perforated lead in the stable position, if, the risk of extraction is high.

right ventricle perforation, implantable – cardioverter defibrillator


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Paediatric cardiology Internal medicine Cardiac surgery Cardiology
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