Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine - Issue 1/2015

Anesthesiology - Review Article

Perioperative hypotermia in elective therapeutical and diagnostic procedures

Dostálová Vlasta, Dostál Pavel

Intesive Care Medicine - Case Report

A man with painless jaundice, anaemia and intermittent chest pain – case report

Karvunidis Thomas, Chvojka Jiří, Ledvinová Lenka, Raděj Jaroslav, Danihel Vojtěch, Novák Ivan, Matějovič Martin

A concealed cause of hypotension – case respor

Karvunidis Thomas, Danihel Vojtěch, Chvojka Jiří, Ledvinová Lenka, Raděj Jaroslav, Novák Ivan, Matějovič Martin

New international guidelines and recommendations

Consensus summary statement of the International Multidisciplinary Consensus Conference on Multimodality Monitoring in Neurocritical Care: a statement for healthcare professionals from the Neurocritical Care Societyand the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine

Černý Vladimír

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