Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine - Issue 6/2006

Anaesthesiology - Original Paper

Anaesthetic practice for Caesarean section in Slovakia

P. Uharčeková, L. Pretiová, P. Uharček, M. Mlynček

TOF-Watch® SX vs. Datex-Ohmeda M-NMT: A comparison of the TOF-ratio measured with accelerometry or electromyography. A clinical, prospective, controlled study.

M. Adamus, P. Adamus, R. Bělohlávek, M. Vujčíková, E. Janásková

Anaesthesiology - Comprehensive Report

Physostigmine and its place in modern anaesthesiology and intensive care

L. Hess, J. Málek, J. Schreiberová

Flumazenil – a specific antagonist of the benzodiazepines at the beginning of the 21st century. Is it needed?

L. Hess, J. Málek, J. Schreiberová

Intensive Care Medicine - Original Paper

Measurement of cardiac output by the pulse contour analysis (LiDCOTM plus) and the partial rebreathing of carbon dioxide (NICO) methods – a prospective comparative study

M. Fořtová, K. Šnajdárková

From History

The road to modern general anaesthesia

J. Pokorný

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