Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine - Issue 3/2006

Anaesthesiology - Original Paper

A comparison of haemodynamic changes using thoracic epidural anesthesia versus standard balanced anaesthesia during on-pump coronary artery bypass grafting

M. Stříteský, D. Rubeš, M. Semrád, T. Čermák, M. Lipš

Assessment of performance of NMT stimulators used during anaesthesia in the Czech Republic

M. Adamus, P. Adamus, R. Bělohlávek, M. Ludma, P. Hropko

Intensive Care Medicine - Original Paper

Optimization of the intravascular volume in multiple trauma patients using esophageal Doppler – preliminary results

I. Chytra, R. Pradl, R. Bosman, P. Pelnář, E. Kasal, A. Židková

Analysis of the specificity and sensitivity of procalcitonin in relation to other markers of inflammation in critically ill patients

J. Valenta, A. Jabor, H. Brodská, Z. Stach, A. Kazda, M. Stříteský

Intenzive Care Medicine - Comprehensive Report

Assessment of regional tissue perfusion by indicator microdialysis technique

V. Černý, M. Šitina

Surfactant – use in adult patients

D. Romportl, A. Hodek, M. Krečmerová, M. Pelichovská, K. Cvachovec

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