Free fibula in the reconstruction of mandibula, what are the pros and cons?

Authors: Tomáš Kempný 1,2;  Břetislav Lipový 2;  Jana Bartošková 2;  Christian Brandtner 3;  Pavel Brychta 2
Authors‘ workplace: Oddělení plastické chirurgie, Wels klinikum, Wels, Rakousko 1;  Klinika popálenin a rekonstrukční chirurgie, FN Brno 2;  Klinika pro ústní čelistní a obličejovou chirurgii, Paracelsova univerzitní nemocnice, Salzburg, Rakousko 3
Published in: Hojení ran 7, č. 4: 3-5, 2013
Category: Surgical techniques


Free fibula in the reconstruction of mandibula, what are the pros and cons?

More than 35 years has passed since the first vascularized fibular transfer. During that period the removal of free fibula has become a very preferable reconstructive procedure in various defects not only in lower extremities but also in face.

In our paper, we present a case report of a patient who lost his mandibula due to a tumor; in such situation, the possibility to transfer the vascularized fibula in a reconstruction of a newly formed defect was an adequate method of choice not only from the cosmetic but also the functional point of view.

Key words:
free fibula, microsurgery, face


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