Authors: Miroslav Homza
Authors‘ workplace: Traumacentrum FN Olomouc ;  Trauma centre of University Hospital Olomouc
Published in: Úraz chir. 14., 2006, č.2


The purpose of this study was to compare the outcome of various surgical options exercised in the management of different types of radial head fractures versus total exstirpation of radial head. 42 patients were reexamined, with an average followup period of 9–12 months after surgical treatment. The results were analysed according to the classification of Wesley et al. [1983]. The best results were obtained in Mason type II fractures, followed by type III and type IV fractures. Comparing different operations, the best outcome was observed with screw fixation of Mason type II and type III fractures, followed by extracorporal osteosutures (radial head to insert as spacer). Poor results were obtained after exstirpation of the radial head. The less comminution a radial head fracture appears, the better is the outcome. Screw fixation is to be preferred, if technically possible. Total exstirpation of radial head is contraindicated.

Key words:
radial head fractures, surgical treatment, functional assessment.


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Surgery Traumatology Trauma surgery
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