Assessment of t he I n d i c a t ion R i g h t ful n e s s of Pa t i e n t ‘ s Trans p o r t s

Authors: M. Hoffmannová
Authors‘ workplace: ÚZP OP VZP hl. m. Prahy
Published in: Listy rev. Lék., , 2003, č. 1, s. 0


Author reviews the most frequent indications for the transport of patients as well as the incorrect indicationsresulting from the nonacquaintance of the specific legislation. Information on the important records of the healthtransport – 34 (precept for the medical transport) and 39 (account of the travel cost using a private car) is givenand the relevant and formal incorrectness, which occur in such documents are discussed. The major part is givento the most frequently found faults in the search for the rightfulness of medical transport indication in the medicalrecords.

Key words:
rightfulness of medical transport – precept for the medical transport – account of the travel cost usinga private car – indication for the person accompanying the patient

Full text is not available online.
If interested in a scan of this journal, contact NTO ČLS JEP.

Medical assessment Occupational medicine
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