Intraoperative Radiotherapy in Multimodality Treatment of Locally Advanced Rectal Carcinoma

Authors: R. Soumarová;  M. Škrovina *;  S. Machala;  L. Adamčík *;  J. Bartoš *
Authors‘ workplace: Oddělení radioterapie a onkologie, Komplexní onkologické centrum Nový Jičín primářka: doc. MUDr. R. Soumarová, Ph. D. ;  Chirurgické oddělení nemocnice Nový Jičín, Komplexní onkologické centrum Nový Jičín primář: MUDr. M. Škrovina *
Published in: Rozhl. Chir., 2010, roč. 89, č. 11, s. 685-688.
Category: Monothematic special - Original


Multimodality treatment of locally advanced rectal cancer combines radical surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. This method leads to improvement of local control and overall survival. However, some of the patients incur local failure of disease, which are localized predominantly in presacral region. The integration of intraoperative radiotherapy as part of a multimodal treatment approach helps to a further dose escalation without increasing toxicity, and reduces the likelihood of otherwise difficult curable local failure.

Key words:
locally advanced rectal cancer – intraoperative radiation therapy – multimodality treatment


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Perspectives in Surgery

Issue 11

2010 Issue 11

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