Clostridium Difficile Colitis

Authors: D. Bergmann 1;  L. Horák 2
Authors‘ workplace: II. interní klinika FTNsP v Praze 1;  Chirurgická klinika FNKV a 3. LF UK Praha 2
Published in: Rozhl. Chir., 2008, roč. 87, č. 8, s. 409-412.
Category: Monothematic special - Original


The authors present a detailed study of Clostridium difficile-induced conditions and desribe their pathogenesis, diagnostics, and treatment. Considering the extensive use of antibiotics and increasing numbers of immunocompromized patients, it can be expected that surgeons will face this infection, which was practically unknown a few years ago, more often in future. Based on the above facts, the authors consider important to inform the surgical profession about the problematics.


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Surgery Orthopaedics Trauma surgery
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