Experience with Treatment of Thoracic Empyema during Seven Years Period

Authors: I. Hanke;  P. Kysela;  P. Benda;  M. Hanslianová *
Authors‘ workplace: Chirurgická klinika FN Brno-Bohunice, přednosta: prof. MUDr. J. Vomela, CSc. ;  Oddělení klinické mikrobiologie FN Brno, primářka: MUDr. A. Ševčíková *
Published in: Rozhl. Chir., 2007, roč. 86, č. 7, s. 355-358.
Category: Monothematic special - Original


The authors prospectively assembled group of 157 patients treated for empyema thoracic during seven years period. They followed applied methods of the diagnostics and therapy, the length of hospital stay after surgical intervention and its successfulness. The parameters were statistically evaluated.

The results showed that surgical intervention substantially influences shortening of the hospital stay and successful cure. In the early stages of the disease thoracoscopic treatment is often sufficient to eliminate the infection. When is indicated later then three weeks after onset of the effusion, then facilitates early decontamination of the empyema cavity and possibility to perform lung decortication.

In patients with thoracic empyema, where adequate effusion evacuation can not be reached, the conservative treatment results in prolongation of the hospitalization. Surgical intervention on the contrary the hospital stay, without increase in morbidity or mortality, shortens.

Key words:
thoracic empyema – surgical treatment – thoracoscopy


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Surgery Orthopaedics Trauma surgery
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