First submucosal endoscopic tun­nel­ling resection of a subepithelial tumour (GIST) in the Czech Republic

Authors: J. Martínek 1;  J. Špičák 1;  P. Wohl 1;  P. Štirand 1;  T. Haruštiak 2;  J. Malušková 3;  Z. Vacková 1
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika hepatogastroenterologie, Transplantcentrum, IKEM, Praha 1;  III. chirurgická klinika LF UK a FN v Motole, Praha 2;  Pracoviště klinické a transplantační patologie, Transplantcentrum, IKEM, Praha 3
Published in: Gastroent Hepatol 2016; 70(3): 226-229
Category: Digestive Endoscopy: Case Report
doi: 10.14735/amgh2016226


In this case report, we describe the first submucosal endoscopic tunneling resection of a subepithelial tumor of the esophagus in the Czech Republic. After submucosal injection and mucosal incision, we performed a submucosal tunnel towards the lesion and then removed the lesion by using special dissection knifes. After resection, the tumor was taken out with a snare. Histopathology showed GIST.

Key words:
GIST – submucosal tumor – endoscopic resection – POEM

The authors declare they have no potential conflicts of interest concerning drugs, products, or services used in the study.

The Editorial Board declares that the manuscript met the ICMJE „uniform requirements“ for biomedical papers.

12. 5. 2016

23. 5. 2016


1. Martínek J, Rösch T, Špičák J et al. První „POEM“ (perorální endoskopická myotomie) v České republice. Gastroent Hepatol 2012; 66(6): 475– 476.

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5. Ng JJ, Chiu PW, Shabbir A et al. Removal of a large, 40- m­m, submucosal leiomyoma us­ing submucosal tun­nel­ing endoscopic resection and extraction of specimen us­ing a distal mucosal incision. Endoscopy 2015; 47 (Suppl 1): E232– E233. doi: 10.1055/ s-0034-1391904.

Paediatric gastroenterology Gastroenterology and hepatology Surgery

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Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Issue 3

2016 Issue 3

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