New possibility in therapy of diabetes mellitus: co-formulation of insulin degludec and insulin aspart

Authors: Zbynek Schroner
Authors‘ workplace: LF UPJŠ a SchronerMED s. r o., Košice
Published in: Diab Obez 2021; 21(42): 76-79


1st Oct 2021 came to clinical practice in Slovak republic new co-formulation of insulin degludec and insulin aspart (IDegAsp). Clinical trial program with IDegAsp has the name BOOST. It was tested in adult and child type 1 diabetics, also in type 2 diabetics. In patients with type 2 diabetes it was given not only to insulin-naive patients, but also in patients inadequately controlled on basal or premix insulin. IDegAsp among all the trials proved good glycemic control, lower insulin dose and risk of hypoglycemia. It is possible to give it flexible, according to which meal is for patient main. In comparison with basal bolus regimen is its advantage flexibility in dose timing and number of daily injections and lower risk of hypoglycemia.


clinical studies – insulin aspart – insulin degludec – co-formulation


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8. Ryzodeg (inzulín degludek/ inzulín aspartát). Súhrn charakteristických vlastností lieku. Dostupné z WWW: <https://w w t-information/ryzodeg-epar-product-information_sk.pdf>.

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