Changes in histopathological classification of neuroendocrine tumors in 5th edition of WHO classification of gastrointestinal tract tumors (2019)

Authors: Tomáš Jirásek 1;  Václav Mandys 2
Authors‘ workplace: Oddělení patologie, Centrum PATOS, Krajská nemocnice Liberec, a. s. 1;  Ústav patologie 3. LF UK a Fakultní nemocnice Královské Vinohrady, Praha. 2
Published in: Čes.-slov. Patol., 56, 2020, No. 4, p. 207-211
Category: Reviews Article


In a brief review is presented a summary of news in the classification of neuroendocrine neoplasms of the digestive system, as they were introduced in the 5th edition of the WHO Classification of Digestive System Tumors published in summer 2019.


neuroendocrine neoplasia – NEN – NET – NEC – MiNEN – WHO classification


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Anatomical pathology Forensic medical examiner Toxicology

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Czecho-Slovak Pathology

Issue 4

2020 Issue 4

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