Results from small renal mass biopsies in the Department of Urology University Hospital Ostrava

Authors: Kateřina Kouřilová 1;  Martin Fabišovský 1;  Jana Dvořáčková 2;  Tomáš Jonszta 3;  Daniel Czerný 3;  Jan Krhut 1
Authors‘ workplace: Urologické oddělení, FN Ostrava 1;  Ústava patologie, FN Ostrava 2;  Ústava radiodiagnostický, FN Ostrava 3
Published in: Ces Urol 2013; 17(3): 199-203
Category: Original article


We evaluated the histological outcomes of small renal mass biopsy at the Department of Urology University Hospital Ostrava.

Over the course of one year we have performed 42 intraoperative biopsies and 14 computed tomography-guided percutaneous biopsies. In collaboration with the pathologist, we compared the biopsy results with the histological findings following nephrectomy.

In intraoperative biopsies, the accurate histological diagnosis was achieved in 83% of patients compared to evaluation of the whole nephrectomy specimen. In CT-guided biopsies, the accurate diagnosis was obtained in 85%.

This is a small sample size, but according to the results, we suggest that small renal mass biopsy may be beneficial.

Key words:
tumor biopsy, renal tumor, renal cell carcinoma therapy.


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