How safe is active surveillance strategy of small renal masses?

Authors: Peter Weibl 1,2,3;  Boris Kollárik 2,3
Authors‘ workplace: Department of Urology Medical University of Vienna, Austria 1;  Urologické oddelenie Univerzitná nemocnica – Petržalka Bratislava, Slovenská republika 2;  Uroclinic, s. r. o., Bratislava Slovenská republika 3
Published in: Ces Urol 2012; 16(1): 13-19
Category: Review article


The changing aspect of the rising incidence of small renal masses (SRM) has led to the establishment of minimally invasive procedures with the intent to achieve equivalent or similar treatment results when compared to standard partial nephrectomy. Active surveillance (AS) in patients with SRM represents an alternative treatment option in high risk patients with short life expectancy or in those who refuse any kind of surgical intervention. The aim of this review is to present current knowledge and dilemmas on AS strategy.

Key words:
renal cell carcinoma, small renal masses, activesurveillance.


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