Sweet’s Syndrome

Authors: L. Slezáková 1;  L. Drlík 1;  M. Boudyšová 2;  K. Ettler 2;  L. Pock 3
Authors‘ workplace: Dermatovenerologické oddělení, Šumperská nemocnice, a. s. přednosta prim. MUDr. Lubomír Drlík 1;  Klinika nemocí kožních a pohlavních FN UK, Hradec Králové přednosta doc. MUDr. Karel Ettler, CSc. 2;  Dermatohistopatologická laboratoř, Doc. MUDr. Lumír Pock, CSc., s. r. o., Praha vedoucí lékař doc. MUDr. Lumír Pock, CSc. 3
Published in: Čes-slov Derm, 87, 2012, No. 3, p. 102-107
Category: Case Reports


Sweet’s syndrome or acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis is characterized by a formation of painful erythematous skin lesions as well as development of peripheral neutrophilia, fever and arthralgia. The article provides a disease classification, a summary of clinical and histological features, diagnostic criteria as a basis for diagnosis determination and treatment options. We report two cases of Sweet’s syndrome with different clinical signs and etiology that led to the same reaction of the immune system. In both cases the recovery came after systemic corticosteroid treatment.

Key words:
Sweet’s syndrome – etiology – neutrophilic dermatoses – therapy


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