How to treat a diabetic patient with osteoporosis

Authors: Jackuliak Peter;  Kovářová Magdaléna;  Kužma Martin;  Killinger Zdenko;  Payer Juraj
Authors‘ workplace: V. interná klinika LF UK a UNB, Nemocnica Ružinov, Bratislava
Published in: Clinical Osteology 2020; 25(3): 107-114


Diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis are two serious civilization diseases with increasing incidence. Osteoporosis and osteoporotic fractures are already accepted as a severe co-morbidity and complications of diabetes mellitus. In management of diabetic patients is necessary to identify the high-risk group for osteoporosis and fractures, and to take appropriate preventive and therapeutic options. Available antiresorptive and osteoanabolic drug agents, which are used to treat osteoporosis, are effective also in diabetes patients. Most of the data of their effects in dia­betics come only from clinical practice. But it is also necessary to achieve optimal glycaemic control, with regard to the effect of antidiabetics on bone. This review provides data from clinical studies on the effect of antiporotics in diabetics as well as the effect of antidiabetics on bone.


antidiabetic therapy – antiresorptive therapy – diabetes mellitus – osteoporotic fracture

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