Published in: ACTA CHIRURGIAE PLASTICAE, 62, 3-4, 2020, pp. 59
Category: Editorial

Dear readers,

Appropriate management of soft tissue has immense impact on final functional and aesthetic results. Not only devastating injury and extensive loss of soft tissue but also any kind of injury (including operative injury) with prolonged healing leads to excessive superficial and deep scaring and a significant aesthetic and functional deficit.

Over the past years, plastic surgeons developed and introduced many simple and complex reconstructive techniques to fasten and improve healing processes. Plastic surgery as a specialty is best equipped and competent to solve complex soft tissue problems.

Due to the involvement of plastic surgery, many patients with extensive trauma got the chance to save their extremities and even life.

Those who suffer from aesthetic and functional limitation receive reconstructions to restore function and improve outcomes.

Current research in plastic surgery is focussed on the development of new, more sophisticated techniques involving tissue engineering methods and tissue regenerative techniques.

Many originally plastic surgery methods became incorporated in the armamentarium of other specialties.

Despite this, we are witnessing many patients who did not receive the appropriate care they deserve. Poor treatment leads to their poor results. They have to undergo secondary procedures to get some, usually only partial improvements. What is omitted initially can never be completely restored. The role of a proper management of soft tissue never can be overestimated.

The current issue of Acta chirurgiae plasticae is dedicated to soft tissue management. It should motivate colleagues to share their experience and increase awareness about capability with other surgical specialties. The benefit to the patient is immense.

Bohumil Zálešák, MD, PhD

Head of Department of Plastic Surgery

University Hospital and Palacky University

Olomouc, Czech Republic

Plastic surgery Orthopaedics Burns medicine Traumatology
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