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Combined endovascular and surgical treatment of symptomatic tandem occlusion of common carotid artery and middle cerebral artery – case repor

9. 7. 2019 Source: Perspectives in Surgery | 6/2019

Introduction: Cerebrovascular events are among the most common causes of invalidity or death. The aim of treatment in acute cerebral ischemia is to restore the blood flow before irreversible necrosis of brain tissue and persistent neurologic deficit...

Compliance with ethical rules for scientific publishing in biomedical Open Access journals indexed in Journal Citation Reports

20. 5. 2019 Source: Internal Medicine | 5/2019

This study examined compliance with the criteria of transparency and best practice in scholarly publishing defined by COPE, DOAJ, OASPA and WAME in Biomedical Open Access journals indexed in Journal Citation Reports (JCR). 259 Open Access journals we...

Merkel Cell Carcinoma of the Eyelids (Clinical-Histological Study)

18. 5. 2019 Source: Czech and Slovak Ophthalmology | 5/2018


To get acquainted with the issues of Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) when the eyelid is affected and with its surgical solution.


MCC of the right upper eyelid was at the Department of Ophthalmology in the Faculty Hospital Králo...

Clinical Management and Outcome in Extreme Retroperitoneal Growing Teratoma Syndrome of Testicular Origin – Clinical Management and Effect of the Treatment

17. 4. 2019 Source: Clinical Oncology | 2/2019

Background: Growing teratoma syndrome (GTS) is an uncommon clinical finding in patients treated for testicular cancer. It is diagnosed during or after chemotherapy as an expanding tumour mass not responding to the treatment while the serum tumour mar...

Hepatic Injury Induced by a Single Dose of Nivolumab – a Case Report and Literature Review

17. 4. 2019 Source: Clinical Oncology | 2/2019

Background: The use of nivolumab in the treatment of metastatic melanoma has become well established during past years. Despite its undeniable efficacy, immune-related side effects may occur, including acute liver injury. Liver toxicity caused by niv...

Leptomeningeal Metastasis in a Breast Cancer Treated with Two Lines of Intrathecal Chemotherapy – a Case Report

17. 4. 2019 Source: Clinical Oncology | 2/2019

Background: Leptomeningeal metastasis (LM) in breast cancer is associated with a poor prognosis. Although no randomised trial has demonstrated that intrathecal chemotherapy actually prolongs survival, this treatment is considered standard of care in...

Does leptin have a role in the development of intracranial meningiomas?

10. 4. 2019 Source: Czech and Slovak Neurology and Neurosurgery | 2/2019

Introduction: Meningiomas are the most frequent benign tumours of the intracranial cavity accounting for around 30% of all intracranial tumours. The majority of meningiomas are actually benign while a certain subset demonstrate a higher incidence of...

How extracellular sodium replacement affects the conduction velocity distribution of rats’ peripheral nerves

10. 4. 2019 Source: Czech and Slovak Neurology and Neurosurgery | 2/2019

In electrophysiological studies, the substitution of Na+ is used as a method in the extracellular environment. N-methyl-D-glucamine (megulamine; NMG) is an excipient because of its pharmacologically inactive nature, which can block the Na currents at...

Keratopigmentation (Corneal Tattoo) – Our First Experience

14. 3. 2019 Source: Czech and Slovak Ophthalmology | 4/2018

Introduction: Keratopigmentation or corneal tattooing represents an unique cosmetic solution for corneal leucomas and also for other pathological changes affecting cornea or iris. Procedure is based on pigment insertion into the corneal stroma. Goal...

NMR and IR analysis of natural substances isolated from Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms

3. 1. 2019 Source: Czech and Slovak Pharmacy | 5-6/2018

There exist about 750 species of Cordyceps at present. Ahigh price of natural Cordyceps and its lack in nature caused that the attention has been focused to its cultivation in laboratory conditions. The demand for this fungus-parasite is still quite...

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