Perspectives in Surgery - Issue 6/2013


Circumferential resection margin in the modern treatment of rectal cancer

P. Ihnát, L. Martínek, L. Ihnát Rudinská, M. Mitták, P. Vávra, P. Zonča

Original articles

The radicality of surgical resection in rectal cancer.
Analysis of factors associated with incomplete mesorectal excision

A. Ferko, J. Örhalmi, D. H. Nikolov, E. Hovorková, M. Chobola, M. Vošmik, E. Čermáková

Rectal cancer within 10 cm.
Comparison of the radicality of laparoscopic and open surgical techniques with regard to the circumferential resection margin and the completeness of mesorectal excision

T. Dušek, A. Ferko, J. Örhalmi, M. Chobola, D. H. Nikolov, E. Hovorková, E. Čermáková

Anatomic-surgical study of intercostobrachial nerve (ICBN) course in axilla during I. and II. level of axilla clearance in breast cancer and malignant melanoma

O. Kubala, J. Prokop, P. Jelínek, P. Ostruszka, J. Tošenovský, P. Ihnát, P. Zonča

Case Report

Incarcerated De Garengeot’s hernia complicated by gangrenous appendicitis

D. Štruncová, J. Meduna, A. Kostihová, J. Neubauer

Reexpansion pulmonary oedema after drainage of a long-term spontaneous pneumothorax – a case report

D. Myšíková, J. Šimonek, A. Stolz, R. Lischke

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