Perspectives in Surgery - Issue 2/2006

Monothematic special - Original

Delayed Laparotomies in Blunt Injuries of the Abdomen: Incidence Rates, Causes, Mortality Rates and Hospitalization Times in a Group of 139 Operated Patients. A Retrospective Study

P. Chmátal, P. Kupka, V. Vlasák, H. Pavlovičová

Atypical Aneurysms of the Superficial Femoral Artery in a Young Patient

L. Velev, F. Dvořák, J. Meduna, M. Kheck

Lung Resection for a Non-small Cell Carcinoma (Stage IV) with a Permanent Intracavitary Brachytherapy 125I

J. Fanta, O. Lang, A. Vlachová, J. Votruba, J. Kára

An Axillary Metastasis as the First Sign of the Breast Carcinoma – A Case Review

V. Červinka, K. Šťastný, K. Havlíček, L. Nechvátal

The Rectal Carcinoma Treatment History

P. Guňková, J. Dostalík, L. Martínek, I. Guňka, A. Pelikán, P. Anděl, M. Rydlová, M. Vávrová

A Contribution of the Anorectal Angle Measurement According to Schiessel to Assessment of the Safe Distance of the Inferior Resection Line in the Rectal Carcinomas Surgical Procedures

M. Vávrová, A. Pelikán, J. Dostalík, L. Martínek, P. Guňková, I. Guňka

The First Case of Management of the Rectovaginal Fistule Using Transanal Endocsopic Microsurgery

P. Vávra, P. Anděl, J. Dostalík, P. Guňková, A. Pelikán, I. Guňka, L. Martínek, M. Vávrová, P. Spurný, R. Čuřík, P. Koliba

A Partial Relaps of a Colorectal Carcinoma Metastatic Process Following Liver Surgery – a Multifactorical Study

V. Liška, V. Třeška, L. Holubec jr., T. Skalický, A. Sutnar, O. Topolčan, J. Fínek

Primary Tumors of the Duodenum and the Small Intestine in Our Clinical Study Subjects over a Ten-Year Period

M. Dubaj, E. Bakoš, J. Galko, A. Lazorišák

Internal Hernias – Uncommon Causes of the Status Ileosus

E. Bakoš, J. Korček, M. Dubaj, A. Lazorišák, M. Bakoš

Do We Always Have the Possibility to Treat “lege artis”?

V. Novohradský, L. Sákra, M. Kozák

Our Experience with Surgical Management of Injuries to Peripheral Nerves of the Upper Extremities

V. Matejčík, G. Pénzesová

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