Geriatric palliative care

Authors: Ladislav Kabelka
Authors‘ workplace: Mobilní hospic sv. Zdislavy, Třebíč
Published in: Čas. Lék. čes. 2018; 157: 34-36
Category: Review Article

„Je zcela zbytečné se ptát, má-li život smysl, či ne. Má takový smysl, jaký mu dáme.“
Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 př. n. l. – 65 n. l.)


Geriatric palliative care must be based on quality geriatric medicine. This applies in particular the multidisciplinary care of patients with geriatric frailty syndrome, most often associated with the polymorbidity of chronic diseases. The model of early indication of the needs of fragile geriatric patients is not more widely available in the current Czech health and social system. Therefore, the necessary early indication of specialized palliative care is not available in hospital facilities. Regional models of conceptual solutions are a necessary next step in development. Education and, last but not least, the economic and personnel provision of new services are key.

frailty, geriatrics, complex care


1. Kabelka L. Geriatrická paliativní péče. Mladá fronta, Praha, 2017.

2. Chai E., Meier D., Morris J., Goldhirsch S. Geriatric palliative care. Oxford University Press, 2014

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