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Authors: Minaříková O., Paloušek D., Koutný D.

Authors - sphere of activity: Odbor průmyslového designu, Ústav konstruování, Fakulta strojního inženýrství, Vysoké učení technické v Brně, vedoucí pracoviště prof. Ing. Martin Hartl, Ph. D.

Article: Pracov. Lék., 64, 2012, No. 2-3, s. 92-98.
Category: Original Papers
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Specialization: Hygiene and epidemiology Hyperbaric medicine Occupational medicine


This article summarizes the results of the project which deals with a new approach to designing ortho-prosthetic devices in terms of mechanical solution and innovative design. The work was addressed to a specific patient with congenital malformation of upper limbs called phocomelia. A custom-made compensatory aid was designed on the basis of personal consultations and meetings at specialized workplace; however the aid was built in a way and from parts for other kind of disability. As it turned out, the use of this device is associated with many complications, and therefore as a result, this solution proved as unsatisfactory. Nevertheless, thanks to this compensation aid, it was possible to specify the problems, to reveal important patterns and highlight the needs for development of entirely new and unique aid designed for patients with phocomelia disability. The work is based on these findings and knowledge acquired from bibliographic search in the field of orthotics, prosthetics, assistive devices and prosthetic equipment. A complete redesign was done with the aim to eliminate all detected problems. The presented result is a unique tool for people with specific congenital disability of upper limbs, with working label 4TE.

Key words:
orthoprosthetics – phocomelia – congenital malformation of upper limb – design – redesign – assistive device – handicap


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